Our mission is “to enter into the heart of every Yamamay woman” by making the store an emotional and engaging environment, a parallel world where the consumer can fully benefit from our products’ excellent quality/price ratio. Our success guarantees success for the franchisees: the brand’s preeminence creates value for all commercial partners involved, inspiring an intense sense of belonging and enabling the strength of the group and the brand to be communicated to public and competitors alike.


Yamamay was born in 2001 from a Gianluigi Cimmino’s idea. And since he strongly believed in the growth potential of the underwear market and the retail world, he asked his family to face a new business challenge. At the leading point of Inticom S.p.A. there is Luciano Cimmino - Gianluigi’s father who was already the protagonist of the successful history of Original Marines - together with his daughter, Barbara Cimmino, who founded Yamacademy, the Yamamay corporate school – and her husband Francesco Pinto, who was already a manager at Procter & Gamble and is now Chairman of Inticom S.p.A. Exactly after ten years of activity, Yamamay is living a second time of development and growth thanks to the entrance in the company of the Carlino Family, owner of the Carpisa brand, and to the foundation of the Pianoforte Holding, where two incredibly successful brands are bound together: Yamamay and Carpisa. “Closer and stronger”. This is the motto of the new holding, which has achieved in a short time the goal of the 1,000 stores and more than 1,200 employees.

Operating structure

Situated in Gallarate (Varese Province), just 10 minutes drive from Milan Malpensa International Airport, the headquarter offices stretch over 5 floors, covering a total of 5,000 square meters. Comfort, technology and functionality together with design and innovative materials ensure that the new offices are a perfect summary of the Yamamay brand and represent its ideal home. The operating structure is divided into three areas: Style and product: responsible for the design and conception phase of the product, sampling and quality control. Marketing and sales: manages the sales network, communication and brand promotion. Corporate staff services: responsible for administration, accounting and finance, planning and control, human resources, organizational development, training, legal affairs and Information and Communication Technology. Logistics is outsourced to a specialized provider. Supervision of scouting, screening and quality control activities for production imported from the Far East is entrusted to the Chinese subsidiary Ying Li Yang International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., which has its headquarters in Hangzhou. The Spanish subsidiary (Yamamay Iberica SL) and the German branch are both responsible for developing their respective geographic markets, through the opening of prestigious directly-owned stores as well as the development of a local franchising program.


Yamacademy is Inticom’s Corporate School and manages the following activities: Training, Placement & Mentoring, Translations and Documentation. Training. This is without doubt one of its strongest features. Organized according to level of expertise (Basic and Advanced Courses), training is held for franchisees (Retail Area) and for Inticom Personnel (Corporate Area). Retail Area. This is characterized by a theory stage which envisages a week of full-time training in the classroom for the owner, the store manager and sales people, followed by a practical stage which consists of two weeks of on-the-job training for the manager candidate in one of the shops equipped for training. The Basic Courses provided in the week in the classroom at Headquarters relate to: Communication and Selling Techniques How to read sales printouts Commodity study and the Product Visual Merchandising Information Technology in the Store The Advanced Courses held in the classroom are focused on specific themes based on detected needs. Corporate Area. This is dedicated to staff working at Group offices (Headquarter staff) and staff who travel around (Visual Merchandisers, Area Managers and Area Coordinators). Some of the contents of the courses are similar to those developed for the Retail programme whereas others are developed ad hoc to meet specific needs, with the growth and professional development of internal staff as the final goal. Placement & Mentoring. Placement welcomes, guides new recruits, facilitating their integration in the company. It takes care of contacts with professional institutions and universities. It launches research projects and internships. Professional reinforcement and growth of company staff are entrusted to the Mentoring activity. Translations. It works across all the departments, supporting requests for translations which come both from Inticom in Italy and from foreign branches. Documentation & Communication. It manages the book crossing activity between the various departments via the exchange and sharing of magazines, publications, books and learning tools in general. It is the centre of internal communication and favours the spontaneous creation of a “community of practice” (social network) which helps the employees tackle their commitments and exchange efficient solutions. In one word: learning.