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More than 460 franchisees in Italy and 100 franchisees abroad have already chosen the Yamamay formula. The franchising policy aims to achieve a balanced geographical development of the distribution network, by finding locations which have an adequate commercial potential while at the same time guaranteeing to the partner a high level of support both in the business’ start-up phase and in the normal running of the store. Under the franchising contract full, free use is given of the Yamamay brand. The minimum duration of the franchising contract is five years. The agreement does not include the payment of any royalties or entry fees. In Italy, the franchisee must provide a first demand bank guarantee in the name of the company for a value of Euro 35,000. Those wishing to open a store abroad must provide an irrevocable stand-by letter of credit, confirmed by a leading Italian bank, for a value of Euro 50,000. All Yamamay stores are connected online with Inticom’s datacenter, which manages the warehouse and logistics both for Inticom and the individual stores, guaranteeing automated restocking. Stores’ stocks are managed in this way to minimize their levels and improve their profitability.

Franchisee Profile

The Yamamay franchisees are fully responsible for their own business and its development. They do not simply have a sales role, but they are, to all intent and purposes, entrepreneurs. Operational tasks focus on the trading activity, in compliance with the regulations of the franchising agreement, highlighting the idea that the success of the franchisee contributes to the development of the entire chain.

Investments by the Franchisee

The Yamamay franchisee must undertake the expenses relating to the purchase of furniture as well as those for the building and engineering work necessary to fit out the store. The franchisee must also cover the costs for computerizing the store, arrange insurance cover and contribute to the transport costs. Euro 650 per square meter should be considered for the purchase of furniture. The cost of building and engineering work varies according to the state of the property being considered. The franchisee must purchase and resell Yamamay products only, observing a minimum purchase order based on modest quantities, in order to guarantee an excellent service.

The Yamamay store

Minimum requirements for opening a Yamamay store: Catchment area: urban areas with at least 50,000 inhabitants Location: historical city centers, shopping centers and major shopping streets Minimum surface area: 90 square meters Shop windows:at least 2 windows, plus the entrance door

Support activity for the franchisee

Inticom guarantees continuous support to the franchisees, supplying a complete range of support services and training and working side by side with them from the start of the relationship. During the evaluation phase: Assistance in researching and selecting commercial premises. Identification and approval of the store location. Joint verification of the investment’s technical and economic feasibility. At the start-up of the business activity: Corporate training with courses dedicated to sales and product knowledge, visual merchandising, computer skills and safety regulations. Pre-opening training at a Yamamay store. Assistance of a corporate team during the first store fitting for the opening. Day by day: Constant monitoring of the franchisee’s activities via planned visits of agents and Yamamay area managers. Help-line available during the stores’ opening hours to the public. National advertising paid by the company. Assistance in local advertising paid by the franchisee.

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