Comfortable, original, and super-soft: Yamamay women's slippers are the perfect accessory for at home leisure and lounging, as well as vacation trips and “getaway” weekends.

This collection features the cutest open-toe slippers and sliders, with some models featuring a wrap-around style ideal for the summer months. What’s more, this line also has fluffy ankle boots for an adorable girlish style, perfect for the winter months. Pair your slippers with Yamamay pyjamas - a stylish mix and matchy look - or opt for an elegant nightgown to create a primed and polished outfit that screams absolute regal charm.

Each model of Yamamay women's slippers stand out for their stylish and feminine practicality. Let yourself be lured into the depths of luxurious cosyness, especially when paired with an elegant Yamamay kimono which will have you feeling completely and utterly lavish.

Amongst the many models of slippers, this collection offers adorable socks in different patterns and prints. With plenty of colours to pick, from nudes and neutrals to funky original patterns with fun cherry logos and polka dots, Yamamay’s collection of socks is an ideal option for a sweet and personable style that seeks comfort and girlish uniqueness.

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