Genderless for all!

Fedez x Yamamay Capsule Collection: Limited Edition

The capsule designed by Fedez for Yamamay is finally online: a GENDERLESS collection that is UNIQUE, TIMELESS - and above all - LIMITED EDITION!

The tracksuits designed by FEDEZ are a real must-have for your wardrobe. Inspired by his creative hobbies within the world of gaming, these prints reflect the fun, relaxed, and care free personality of Fedez and his fun leisurely lifestyle. A true winner outfit combination for the entire family; this set balances relaxation with friends and family in a way which encourages enjoyment in simple day to day activities. You can distinguish the classic activities that make those moments truly special: 'get a nap', 'play', 'drink water', 'have a snack' and 'make love'. Straight from Fedez' own style and inspiration, these outfits are charectarized by a NO GENDER fit, making them perfect for both men and women of all sizes and ages.

Fedez & Yamamay have also thought about the little ones with the tracksuits from the Stay Home Rules line: sporting a coordinated yet casual, fun and fashionable look for the entire family!

The Fedez x Yamamay capsule is completed with briefs and boxers for a super comfortable style that is both unique and fun.

Choose the color you prefer: light purple, apricot or gray.

Discover the FEDEZ collection now!