Searching for those extra essentials and bra details that will make it even more comfortable and convenient in your daily life? Yamamay’s accessories add practicality to your underwear collection with necessary accessories you didn’t even know you needed!

This line features multifunctional strap kits and bra extensions to add to your bras. Featuring silicone straps to attach to bandeaus, alongside detachable adhesive bras to stick and unstick to your breasts, which are perfect to wear beneath strapless dresses and boob tube tops. These bra accessories are particularly useful when worn under sheer or tight-fitting clothing, particularly dresses that must be smooth and seamless with no creasing, bulging, or bra strap showing underneath.

Adding even more versatility to your underwear collection, the bra stretchers are a great way to ensure the most perfect fit to your waist and under bust. Available with two or three extra hooks, the special bra lengtheners are intended to widen the width of the bra to provide extra space and comfort to all women. Sometimes, you may find yourself loving a specific bra and only wanting to add an extra size to your waist, or perhaps emphasize your cleavage in a subtle and harmless way. For this reason, bra lengtheners and extensions are always handy.

With the addition of single and removable bra cups from this collection - available in textile fibers and silicone materials - you’ll have the option to insert the cups into internal bra pockets to add lift, volume, and curve to your natural shape. You can even pair this with one of the balconette bras for a luscious lift to your chest. This provides structure, shape, and sexiness to your frame. You can even add these into bikini tops containing cup pockets – perfect during the summer time to add a flattering shape to your frame.

And finally, make sure you have the perfect accessory so as not to risk ruining your bras during washing: buy the bubble bra wash ball on our website now: a small bra holder to hold your bras when washing them in the machine.

What are you waiting for? Discover all our bra accessories in the Yamamay online shop!