Product Customization

Ever wondered what an innovative and personalized touch would add to your clothing? Yamamay provides you with the opportunity to make you outfits even more special and unique with Yamamay’s new customization service! Don’t miss the opportunity to add a small inscription of your choice to
women’s and men’s clothing and underwear! This customization service allows you to insert a word, intials, or a name of your choice to be embroidered.

You have the option to choose between a 'Small' (Piccolo) font, for up to 7 characters in total, and a 'Normal' (Normale) font, which will allow you to enter up to 4 characters in total. You will also have the possibility of inserting an icon of your choice among those proposed, which are included in the total count of characters allowed. Position it at the beginning, at the end, or in the middle of the text you choose to embroider.

Depending on your preference you can decide to use a more elegant or a more modern font to personalise your products. Choose the color of the embroidery from 9 different options to make your Yamamay items colorful, glamorous, and full of life! What's more, you can even select a specific shade for the lettering and another for the icon!

Discover all the customizable items in the Yamamay online shop, from underwear to men's and women's clothing, through to swimwear for her and for him. Design your own special inscription and order the product you are looking for now!