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An essential piece for the men’s underwear wardrobe, the men’s socks and slippers collection is a finely crafted collection consisting of your basics and essentials for your everyday needs. Made with extreme care and attention to detail, Yamamay socks ensure a high quality with softness, *comfort, and convenience for all moments of the day. What’s more, your relaxing moments at home offer practical options and must-have pieces and slippers.

To create and complete your men’s underwear look you can choose from all types of socks available in high quality fabrics, whether you want thin and light options for the hotter months or thick and warmer pieces, fit for long winter days ahead. Featuring 100% organic cotton and encompassing a wide variety of short socks, long socks, and ankle socks, this line offers a variety of breathable socks to always ensure your maximum comfort. For the colder months, you can choose from heavy and long socks in bright fun patterns or opt for more professional, classic, and neutral solid colours. To complete your daily underwear fit, you can browse through the soft and lightweight undershirts available in super comfortable and soft materials.

For the evening time and your moments of rest and relaxation at home, Yamamay Man offers a range of soft and comfy slippers with extremely comfortable and functionally designed pieces to ensure total rest, thanks to a fit that fully pampers you. The men’s slippers are staples for both the summer and winter time, giving you a style that is refined and elegant so as not to renounce style or class. Pair your slipper with a dressing robe from the men’s pyjama and nightwear section for a sophisticated nightwear outfit.

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