Discover the Yamamay men's swimwear collection: briefs, boxer shorts and beachwear for all styles to make you feel totally relaxed at the beach, in comfort and style.

The men’s swimwear collection features swimming trunks, swimming briefs, beach clothing, and beach accessories from the most essential lines. Get ready to soak in the summer sunshine and baske in the glow of the Mediterranean heat: the most essential lines by Yamamay features plain coloured garments with neutral and versatile shades, ranging to the brightest tones to full of pops of color.

You will be able to choose from many proposals for men's swimwear in different colours and patterns: swim briefs and boxer shorts from the most essential lines, with plain-coloured garments from the most neutral shades to the brightest ones with contrasting details, to the funniest and most colourful proposals with bright multicolored prints and fun fresh patterns perfect for the summertime.

Each swimwear piece is designed with simplicity and style. Discover your favourite model and browse through the men’s swimwear collection. What’s more, some lines feature a recycled polyester canvas fibre to provide the ultimate comfort, fused with softness and resistance.

You can even complete your beachwear look by combining swimwear with tops, shorts, and more from the Yamamay man line. Opt for clothing that can be worn from day to nighttime, sporting elegant and youthful styles that can be worn on dreamy summer date nights.

Yamamay man keeps the essence of classic Italian style, with timeless simplicity and a modern twist. The high-quality materials ensure beautiful pieces designed with comfortable and long-lasting fabrics. To top it off, shop Yamamay beachwear accessories to accompany your summer vacations.

Discover all men's swimwear by Yamamay!