Over 460 Affiliates in Italy and 100 internationally have already chosen the Yamamay formula.
The affiliation policy aims to pursue a balanced geographical development of the distribution network, through the search for locations that have adequate commercial potential, guaranteeing, in the meantime, the partner a high level of support both in the start-up phase of the activity. that, subsequently, during the ordinary management of the store.
The franchise agreement allows full and free use of the Yamamay brand. The minimum duration of the franchise agreement is five years, the agreement does not provide for any payment of royalties or entry fees. For shops in Italy, the Franchisee must issue, as a guarantee, a bank guarantee on first demand in favor of the Company for a value of 35,000 euros. For shops abroad, an irrevocable stand-by letter of credit is required. and confirmed by a leading Italian bank worth 50,000 euros.All the stores in the Yamamay chain are electronically connected to the Inticom datacenter which manages the logistics and warehouse of Inticom itself and of the individual stores, guaranteeing automatic restocking of stocks. In this way, the stocks of the points of sale are managed, minimizing their level and improving their profitability.

Profile of the Franchisee

The Yamamay Affiliate, who is solely responsible for his own business and development, does not simply hold a sales role, he is a true entrepreneur. The management tasks will concern the buying and selling activities, in compliance with the rules of the franchise agreement, with particular attention to the success of the franchisee will have the effect of contributing to the development of the entire supply chain.

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If you want to contact us by phone, the toll-free number is: 800 28 68 58
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